Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A little late but lastest update....

Immediately following Peru my body was feeling zapped, medical tests a few weeks prior to Coquimbo, ITU Pan American Cup, made for a month of mixed emotions. Following my race in Lima, Peru I decided to take a few days off to recover the body as I was feeling run down and fatigued. I did this to give myself the best preparation for the remaining races. I also had some blood test and saw a few indifferent results which looked to be a problem. Two weeks had gone by and training had been some of the worst to date.....inconsistent and poor form! With this, I decided to reluctantly skip the first ITU Pan American Cup in Vina Del Mar and put all my energy into Coquimbo, giving my body an extra week rest. In the month between races I can count a 'good and consistent' training period of 4-5 days from 10 days out from the race...ideal preparation?! Far from it! With a beach start in Coquimbo, it brought me back to my bread and butter and I got a great start and exited the swim first. We then created a small break of 8 on the bike and extended our lead each lap. Onto the run and only 5 were still there at the 5km mark including myself and I was feeling solid. A few changes of pace along the way and it was down to 3 with 1km to go. The Chilean athlete ramped it up with 400m to go and we were strung out. Then out of the corner of my eye I caught the penalty board with my number on it, 15seconds later and the podium slipped, running in for 4th. Taking the result out, I am really happy with the race. A month of garbage training, to be honest, and to fight back from the mini rut for probably my best race in South America, that's what I'm pleased about. Yes I didn't win but this race has given me more confidence and determination for the rest of 2013. What a 3 months in South American!!!! Thank you to the Riveros family and every other person along the way that has helped me here. To my family, friends and sponsors .... thank you! But for now, its home time and I can't wait! Shane

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